Alexandru Burlacu – Contemporary Jewelry

Trying out new things is one of my favorite. Such as trying  new places, trying new foods, trying new shades, trying  new trends and of course trying new designs is one of my favorite as well.

I really want to share with you this post about contemporary jewelry design from a Romanian jewelry designer, Alexandru Burlacu. Two collections inspired by things that happened in Romania, each of them telling a story and each piece of the collection having it’s own design and story.

logo-AlexandruBurlacuAlexandru Burlacu

From my point of view, contemporary jewelry primarily means a solid concept, to support the creative process“- Alexandru Burlacu  the owner and designer of the brand.

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July Tidestore wishlist

After i showed you about my Tidestore wishlist on June and this month i would like to show with you again what is my wish list from This month my favorite items it’s about a monotone color. Wearing a monotone outfit can be chic and stylish if you know how to style it. For me, wearing monotone in a minimal way is the best don’t try to add more layers or you can add some accessories that go with your outfit. However, it’s just my idea. Everyone has different styles and ideas.

Let’s take a look at these items which are my wish lists of this month.  Which one is your favorite?


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